Tailored Transferable Training

Trent Management has a 20 year track record in the training industry. Our work spans many industries across the private and public sector where there are major change initiatives; we also work with organisations who are seeking to achieve a partnership concept. We recognise that reaction to change can vary considerably and we are skilled in achieving buy-in by capturing hearts as well as minds.

Our vision is to be your most valued learning and development resource. We are committed to forming lasting partnerships by establishing your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Our values are:

• Training must demonstrate visible benefits in the work place.
• Training must be designed and delivered to meet the objectives and fit the culture of your organisation.
• To use up to date subject matter experts for training design and delivery.
• To transfer practical management skills by using trainers who are, or have recently been, managers.
• To deliver training with passion and enthusiasm.
• To make training enjoyable, varied and relevant