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What We Do

Approach to bespoke training

At tml we feel passionately that all training should complement business objectives and add value to your organisation.

Chose Trent Management if:

You have a training and development requirement in any area of leadership and management.

  • You and your organisation are looking for a training provider who will partner you in working towards your training and development objectives whilst truly valuing your business.
  • You believe that a company which has a real passion for training and developing people will deliver superb client focused solutions.
  • You want to work with a provider who will design a course to specifically match the precise developmental needs of your company’s participants.
  • You want a training provider who focuses on behaviour change and agreed measures of training evaluation.
  • You acknowledge that for the learning to be maximised, the training must be delivered by a credible and knowledgeable trainer who has the ability to inspire and motivate the participants

The journey we walk with you:

  1. Client meeting – To establish your training agenda and your company philosophy on training and development.
  2. Draft discussion document– Following the meeting, a draft ‘top line’ training proposal is prepared around the areas identified.
  3. Learn about your way of working – Agreement gained with you to start familiarisation work to prepare a truly bespoke training programme.
  4. Produce a firm training proposal – Prepare and agree a training programme in line with training and cultural needs, identifying engagement strategies and measurement criteria.
  5. Produce programme material – When you agree the final proposal, the project team is assigned and programme material is developed.
  6. Training delivery – High quality facilitation, interactive, participative, results orientated.
  7. Client meeting – Proactive evaluation that measures learning engagement, behaviour change and value added to the business.